Oct 23, 2014

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Lost a Tooth? A Dentist in Morris Plains Can Replace It

It’s important for a person to have a Dentist in Morris Plains that provides the full gamut of dental care. Everyone needs to have their teeth cleaned and examined regularly. This reduces the chance of developing serious dental problems. When a cavity is caught small, there is little chance that it will turn into an infection that requires a root canal. Dentists also use composite fillings that match the tooth enamel, so that teeth look whiter. The dentist will also catch any signs of gum disease when it is still easily treated. If gum disease is left untreated, it can result in the patient loosing teeth and even bone loss.

The best preventative care can’t completely prevent the need for an emergency dentist. Children often knock out their teeth when they are playing. It’s common for them to fall down and lose a tooth. Some parents think it’s not a big deal, because it’s only a baby tooth. That’s not the case. Baby teeth play an important role in jaw development. They ensure that the adult teeth will have the proper space they need. This reduces the chance the child will need braces. When a child knocks out a tooth the parent should try and find it. Then they should gently rinse it off and keep it damp. They can then call the Dentist in Morris Plains for an immediate appointment. If the dentist can put the tooth back in the socket, it may reattach itself.

Adults mostly lose teeth to disease and car accidents. Usually these are not reinserted. A dentist has to inspect the root area to ensure that none of the root is still in the jawbone. While the jaw is healing the patient can decide if and how he would like to fill in the empty space. A Dentist in Morris Plains would recommend a dental implant. Once the jaw has incorporated the implant, it’s as strong as a real tooth root. A porcelain crown is placed on top and the patient will get many decades of use out of it. It will blend in with all of the adjacent teeth and no one will realize it’s not a natural tooth.

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