Sep 22, 2014

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Loose Diamonds: Are They a Good Option?

Precious stones come in different forms, and their demand varies depending on the quality and the intended use. Some of the stones that are on high demand are the Loose Diamonds. These are diamonds that have not yet been mounted on any surface; they are just cut and polished. Some people prefer buying these diamonds when they are already polished, while others prefer them in their natural color and clarity. Diamonds are widely used to make engagement rings, earrings and pendants. There are many other items of sentimental value made of Loose Gemstones at Surat diamond Jewellery.

The quality of diamond is determined by the carat weight, cut, clarity and color. If you are familiar with these four aspects, then buying quality diamonds should be an easy task. One carat of loose diamond is equal to 200 mg of the weight of the actual diamond. The price of a diamond is thus determined by the number of carats. The weight should always be determined by the diamond scale. One of the most difficult parts of diamond evaluation is the cut, which is defined by the shape and size of sides and its geometric proportions. Be cautious since some dealers polish the diamond several times so as to conceal the irregular spots.

The clarity of diamonds is defined by its cleanliness and shininess. Reduced clarity lowers the price of diamonds. When evaluating the clarity of diamonds, pay particular attention to the size and number of spots and inclusions. If the diamond at Surat diamond Jewellery does not have any spots, then is said to be perfect, and its value is high. Caution should, however, be taken not to confuse clarity with color. Loose Diamonds come in different colors mainly red, blue, purple, green, brown, purple and yellow. Color is as a result of its natural composition and does not change. When observed under a bright light, diamonds that are poor in quality can be identified by a cloudy and milky appearance with a brown cast.

It is always important to consider jewelers who offer warranties. You should demand to see the written warranty before buying the diamonds. Besides the free cleaning and inspections, confirm what else the warranty covers. Your obligations under the warranty must be well defined, as well as those of the jeweler.


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