Looking for the Best Orthodontist in Honolulu to Treat TMJ?

You may need the help of the best orthodontist in Honolulu, but not be aware of it. Many Orthodontists mainly focus upon the straightening of teeth over time with oral prosthetics’ such as mouth guards to warrant off any continuous grinding of teeth that are damaging to the enamel surfaces. One can also quickly develop the extreme sensitivity to hot or cold from this continuous grinding. Further it does tend to develop into TMJ, short for Temporo-mandibular joint. This can be a persistent nagging pain in ones jaw that can lead easily to migraine headaches and other symptoms. If you suspect you have symptoms of this nagging condition seeing the best orthodontist in Honolulu will soon have you on a rehabilitative tract to addressing the problem.

Typical symptoms of TMJ that can cause you to seek out the best orthodontist in Honolulu are as follows:

* Tenderness in the jaw, face or jaw joint area. It can also be noticed in the neck and shoulders or around your ear when you are chewing, talking or opening your mouth rather wide.

* Restrictive ability to open one’s mouth as far as they used to be able to

* Locking of the jaw in an open or closed position of the mouth

* Sounds of grinding, grating, popping or clicking when you use the jaw joint, sometimes this can be painful but in some patients it isn’t.

* A face that feels generally tired

* A misaligned bite that seems off or uncomfortable

* Swelling, and head or neck aches

* Ear aches or problems hearing

* Tinnitis, ear ringing

* Pain in the upper shoulder areas

* Dizziness

More women than men are affected by TMJ and it’s cause is often excessive stress that makes one subconsciously clench their jaw tightly. TMJ generally is first apparent between the ages of 20-40 in most adults. If you suspect you have TMJ immediately contact the best orthodontist in Honolulu to treat you.

Dr. Dino Dee, DDS is without question the very best orthodontist in Honolulu or the surrounding area. His practice has been in place many many years and has helped countless others with their orthodontic issues as well as with treatments for your ultimate orthodontic experience.

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