Looking for NASM Bolts or Other Quality Fasteners?

Does your latest home repair project or professional application require specialized fasteners? Metal fasteners come in varying shapes, materials, sizes, and styles, and are used in both everyday projects and applications that require extensive expertise and attention to detail. If you’re looking to purchase NASM bolts, or another form of mechanical fastener, it’s important to select a fastener supplier you can rely on for exceptional customer service and quality items. Whether you need a commonly available piece of hardware or a custom fastener built to your specs, the right company will meet and exceed your needs.

Variations of Bolts

There are many different forms of bolts, such as hex, lag, eye, hanger, shoulder, elevator, carriage, timber, U-bolts, J-bolts, and more. Bolts are typically accompanied by nuts or washers to ensure two or more pieces of metal, wood, and etc., are tight and closely fitted. Numerous industries utilize bolts to complete projects and applications, whether it’s building aircrafts, astronautics components, military machines, medical equipment, automobiles, and more. Not to mention how often they’re used in homes to restore structure, repair broken plumbing, install roofs, and other tasks.

Bolt Fabrication Process

Headed bolts, such as NASM bolts, are manufactured in a step-by-step process. After raw material has been chosen, blanks are sized, cut, and lubricated before they’re forged. Once the forging process is complete, the newly-forged component is treated and configured to client specifications. Next, it’s treated to hot rolling threads through induction heating to test its safety level. Additionally, the soon-to-be bolt undergoes a variety of other evaluations to check its tensile strength, grain flow, micro hardness, and more. Finally, the component is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets industry and client criteria.

Other Types of Fasteners

In addition to bolts, there are assortments of other types of mechanical fasteners homeowners and industries use to complete projects. Fasteners that are categorized as HS, SS, NASM, AN, AS, NASM, or MS, are commonly chosen by transportation, engineering, aerospace, and military professionals. Many companies that have supplied mechanical fasteners to industry specialists extensively can be counted on for anything from first-rate bolts and screws, to washers and nuts, to spacers and pins, to fittings and rivets.

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Fastener Dimensions is a leading NASM fastener supplier. They are manufacturer and distributor of AN, MS, NA, NAS, NASM series fastener for aircraft and, military.

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