Mar 30, 2016

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Looking For Kosher Catering In New Jersey

Looking For Kosher Catering In New Jersey

Jewish people are bound by strict dietary guidelines. However, this does not stop them from celebrating with good food. Rules for kosher eating are derived from Jewish religious doctrine. For example, meat must be slaughtered in a certain way to be kosher. And, meat and dairy products should never be eaten together. Additionally, they should not be cooked together or placed on the same table. This law is so strict that most Jewish households have separate utensils for meat and dairy. Likewise, non-kosher and kosher foods should not be cooked in the same kitchen.

If you are celebrating, look for Kosher Catering in New Jersey. This is one way to insure that dietary guidelines are followed for special occasions. The food for weddings and many other events must be kosher. Go online and get more information about catering services available. A regular caterer may not know that shrimp and lobster are forbidden at Jewish celebrations. That is because they can only eat fish with fins and scales. Also, wine, fruit and cheese must be kosher. Kosher vintners go to a lot of trouble. They must be very careful about the products used to make the wine. Any bottle or utensil used to make the wine must be cleansed by a Rabbi. Further, hybridization is forbidden so no other plants can be cross-bred with the grapes.

It only makes sense to use Kosher Catering in New Jersey. Jewish people hosting a bar or bat mitzvah need a kosher menu. This celebration is held when a teen officially joins a temple congregation. The religious ceremony is in the temple but the reception is usually held at a banquet hall. This is one of the biggest events in a Jewish family’s life. It is popular for families to host a kiddush, a luncheon that follows the ceremony. It is a good time for the family to get together and the honorees receive gifts. However, some families prefer having a party in the evening following the bar or bat mitzvah. At either event, kosher food will be served. Kosher dietary guidelines are important because they are more than customs. Remaining kosher is an important part of religious life.

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