Aug 21, 2017

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Looking for an Inground Pool Liner Installation in Connecticut

Looking for an Inground Pool Liner Installation in Connecticut

Pool liners are an important part of keeping a pool looking beautiful year after year. Pool liners are made of vinyl, and while they last a long time, they tend to get damaged over time and need to be replaced.

The Process

Inground pool liner installation in Connecticut is a process best left to the professionals rather than the DIYers as it entails several very important steps, which can be found below:

1. The first step is to drain the pool completely, even using a mop to get the water that won’t drain.

2. The dimensions of the pool need to be measured carefully to ensure that the proper liner is bought.

3. The pool needs to be cleaned of any debris and thoroughly swept.

4. All cracks or chips need to be repaired beforehand.

5. Next is the actual liner installation. Use several people to hold and pull it across the pool.

6. Set the liner by sucking the air out from in between the pool walls and the liner itself.

7. Refill the pool once that step is complete.

8. Install faceplates and gaskets.

9. Cut the vinyl away inside the faceplates.

Several problems could arise during this process if you do not use a professional.

Potential Problems

Though problems can occur during every step of an inground pool liner installation, the majority of the problems occur during the liner setting. A Cyclone Blower Vac should be used to set the liner; depending on the size of the pool, two may be needed. A regular vacuum may not be enough to suck the air out, or the hose may be too big and cause stretching of the liner. Wrinkles can occur during the setting stage, which is fairly normal, but still must be worked out.

With all the steps involved and the potential problems that could arise during every step, calling a professional would be a wise decision. When it’s time for an inground pool liner installation, contact us.

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