Looking at Roof Material Options in Bellevue, NE

Many people don’t realize that roofs come in a wide variety of different materials. A roof not only provides protection for your home, but it also helps give your home a beautiful look. If you’re searching for a new roof for your home, you have many options available to you. Whether you’re looking into roof repairs Bellevue NE or looking for a brand new roof, Thompsonthird.com can help. Check out below for information regarding the different types of roofs.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roof type in America. They’re so popular because they work in almost every environment. If you get asphalt shingles for your roofing material, expect to replace them after 20 years.


Metal roofing is usually sold as vertical panels or as shingles that look like tile or slate. This type of roof lasts about 60 years, and it’s extremely good at shedding off snow and rain. The downside is that metal can be pretty noisy during a rainstorm. Visit website for more details.


Slate is one of the most long-lasting roofing materials. It lasts about a hundred years, it’s extremely waterproof, and it’s resistant to fungus and mold. The downside is that slate is pretty expensive, and can be broken if stepped on or hit. This is key information for people living in areas where they got lots of hail.

Whether you’re looking for roof repairs in Bellevue, NE or are planning on buying a brand new roof, we can help. Reach out to us via our website at or give us a call.

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