Looking At Rawhide Alternatives For Puppies

Puppies love to chew. They bite into and on anything that doesn’t bite them first. Until recently, rawhide chews were an automatic component of a healthy puppy’s regime. Lately, many people are finding rawhide alternatives for puppies. They have read the research and come to understand that rawhide may not be the best and healthiest chew treat for their favorite canine.

What Is Wrong with Rawhide?

For some dogs, absolutely nothing is wrong with rawhide. However, for many, the current state of rawhide chews leaves more than a chemical taste in their mouths. Rawhide can cause serious digestive upset. It can also create an obstruction in the digestive tract. If that is not enough, consider having to reach quickly into the mouth to prevent your dog from swallowing a mass of gooey, half-chewed rawhide. Worst still –an emergency visit to the vet that you, your dog and your wallet all want to avoid.

Rawhide Alternatives

The simplest way to avoid any issues is to look for a substitute. For young dogs and puppies, this may be the best route to take – one with the least risks. It is not hard, after all, to find rawhide alternatives for puppies. Visit your local pet supply store or go online. Both offer a variety of different chew treats catering to those who wish to avoid rawhide.

The types of treats and their ingredients vary. Some rely heavily on wheat/corn; others turn to grain-free replacements. Some use chicken or beef flavor, add meat by-products and/or use a natural or chemical preservative. Others use only one ingredient such as pigskin. What the product contains often depends upon whether it is opting for a “natural,” “organic” or alternative label.

Rawhide Alternatives for Puppies

As a responsible pet owner, it is up to you to read the ingredients and assess them. Know what your dog likes and needs. Only then, choose rawhide or rawhide alternatives for the puppies in your home.

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