Nov 27, 2014

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Look for an Ice Luge in Long Island, NY for a Fun Party

Ice luges are quickly becoming very popular on the party scene. They are being used as an addition to highly classy and refined events and to rowdy college parties. They are ice sculptures made from a large ice block with one or two narrow tracks carved into them. The tracks are used to pour alcohol down the slope and into a glass for a refreshingly chilled drink. The name comes from the Olympic winter sport also known as bobsledding.

The ice luges can be purchased from ice dealers either pre-carved or un-carved. Some artist’s studios add sculpting to the ice for theme parties and to add a little wow factor. A well-lit and creatively carved ice luge will serve as a focal point of any party. To find a good deal on an Ice Luge in Long Island NY, it’s recommended to check online quotes of large distributors.

The Long Island Ice & Fuel Company is a well-established business that offers a wide range of ice related services. They sell standard luges, but also have a list of several ice sculpting businesses for more creative needs. An artistic version of an Ice Luge in Long Island NY can be an unforgettable addition to sophisticated affairs, professional conferences, and weddings. With an addition of interesting shapes and numbers for birthdays and anniversaries, the luges steal the show.

More basic luges usually show up at casual block and college parties and those can be made at home, although they certainly don’t have the same neat appearance. For the do-it-yourself method, the biggest container that fits into the freezer should be filled with water, slightly tilted, and frozen. After a couple of days, the track can be carved out with a screwdriver or any other tool that fits the job. The track shouldn’t be very wide, and pouring some hot water down the carving swill smooth-out the edges. Trying it a few times before the party is a good idea for a perfect end result. Setting up the luge on a glass table, with some colorful lights around it, will dazzle the guests.

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