Feb 18, 2014

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Lodging in Brown County, IN: Hotels VS Vacation Homes

If you are going on vacation and are looking for Lodging in Brown County, IN, then you will want to check out Moondance Vacation Homes, they are by far better than any hotel you would ever choose to stay in. If you have never stayed in a vacation rental, then you have no idea what you are missing. Read on below for some concrete reasons to choose a vacation home over a hotel every time you go on vacation.

Stretch Out and Relax

Vacationing with your family, though fun, means cramped quarters, and sharing one bathroom. If you have teenagers, then you know that sharing a bathroom can be a daunting task. If you find Lodging in Brown County, IN, in the form of a vacation home, then you don’t have to worry about sharing a bathroom and can spread out all over the spacious homes that are offered.

Pamper Your Pooch

Everyone knows that most hotels, and motels, are strict on not letting you bring your dogs. If you rent a vacation home, instead of a hotel, you can be sure that your pup will be welcome. You will want to search for homes in the area that allow pets, as some don’t. In most however, you can be sure that pets are allowed, and you don’t have to leave your beloved animal behind.

Enjoy Cooking

While most people want to eat out quite a bit on their vacation, if you are going to be there a week are more, eating out can get old. In a hotel, you will just have to suffer with take out or sandwiches, which gets old as well. In your very own vacation home, you can be assured that you can cook whatever meals you want for your family, whenever you would like to cook them. From elegant dinners to cookouts on the deck, the choice is yours. Vacation is a time to be enjoyed, not cooped up in a hotel room with everyone getting on each other’s nerves. Renting a vacation home will ensure that you all have the time of your lives, when you go on vacation this year.


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