Oct 29, 2018

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Local Pallet Company Near Wisconsin Uses Their Own Saw Mill

Local Pallet Company Near Wisconsin Uses Their Own Saw Mill

Wooden pallets are some of the best containers for your warehouse facility. They are natural materials which are good for the environment and are strong and durable containers. Your pallet company near Wisconsin offers a wide range of pallet services. They rebuild and recycle pallets but also have their own saw mill and this offers several benefits.

What is a Saw Mill?

A saw mill is a facility which takes in logs and cuts them into useable lumber like planks or boards. Before modern saw mills, people had to cut or split their own wood with manual methods. This was very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Water powered mills made the process easier, and the ancient Romans made use of this invention. Today’s saw mills use the latest in technology, and your local pallet company near Wisconsin uses efficient saw mill equipment.

Making Pallets from Logs

When a pallet supplier cuts logs for pallets, nothing gets wasted. They do not sort the lumber and keep only the upper grades. They can use lower cost logs to create some of the highest quality pallets available.

When you make and rebuild pallets, you need a large amount of wood each day. By operating their own saw mill and buying old pallets, they save a great deal on wood costs. This savings gets passed on the customer, so you not only get high-quality pallets you enjoy some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Eco Friendly Design

When your pallet company near Wisconsin cuts logs, nothing gets wasted. They sell wood scrap, so it gets turned into usable products. This is only a part of their sustainable services because they take in broken pallets and turn them into new ones. This practice saves energy and one of the most important resources on the planet, trees.

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