Sep 16, 2015

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Living And Studying In Montreal Quebec

Living And Studying In Montreal Quebec

Quebec is one of the largest provinces in Canada, not only is it large, it is unique. Quebec is the only province where French is the predominate language, the other provinces are using English as the predominate language. With its rich and diverse culture, Quebec is quite different than the rest of Canada.

Montreal is the largest city in the province, Montreal is well known for quality of life and a magnet for those pursuing higher education in either the French or English language. As a result of the numerous universities in the city there are many student apartment rentals in Montreal Quebec.

Montreal has a great deal to offer local as well as international students. With French being the predominate language it only stands to reason that many universities in Montreal as well as throughout the province are Francophile, however there are three world class English language universities as well, two of which are in Montreal. In terms of performance and graduate programs Montreal is the host city to McGill University which is ranked 18th in world rankings and Concordia University which is home to the Molsen Business School, one of the best business schools in Canada.

The primary French speaking universities of note are the University of Montreal, The University is the largest research institution in Quebec and recognized as one of the top 100 universities in the world. One of the top engineering schools in the country is Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal.

Due to its excellent universities and colleges, Montreal attracts a large number of foreign students. Although students from outside Canada must have a student visa they are not difficult to obtain as long as the student has been accepted by a university and the student has sufficient financial support to pay for his or her education as well as paying for his or her apartment rentals in Montreal Quebec.

Life for students is Quebec is satisfying. In the winter the ski slopes of the Laurentian Mountains are a short ride away. In the summer the many beautiful parks in the city, the largest of which is Parc du Mont-Royal, beckon those who simply wish to enjoy the solitude of the outdoors. For those who wish to take time to better understand the city there is the Museum of Archeology and History and art buffs will enjoy the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

In terms of student living, Montreal is ranked the tenth best place in the world to pursue a university degree. If you elect to live off campus there are many apartment rentals in Montreal Quebec that are safe, comfortable and convenient to campus.

If you are planning to study at any of the world class universities in Montreal you will have a wide choice of apartment rentals in Montreal Quebec that are fully-furnished and only steps away from campus. You are invited to contact The MARQ for further information.

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