Oct 9, 2014

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Live on Ocean Avenue and Enjoy All of the Benefits

There are many benefits to living on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California. Besides owning your own residence, there are plenty of things to see and do in the area. Those that do own their own residence understand why it is one of the greatest places to live in California. There are many condos for sale on Ocean Avenue that allow you to live and play in luxury. Now you can enjoy the convenience of being close to work, play on the beach, and enjoy many shopping and entertainment attractions while remaining close to your home.

Exclusive Lounges

Some condos tout an exclusive lounge for condo owners on a certain floor of the building. Once such lounge, accessible to residents is the Skybridge Lounge. This lounge comes with a warm and inviting fireplace and a kitchen that is fully equipped. Residents are allowed to entertain guests in the lounge and offer a relaxing place to sit by the fire. The view is simply panoramic beauty and can also be accessed via a viewing deck.

Make a Great Entrance

Being able to walk into the lobby of the building where you condo is located and be greeted by a professional concierge is impeccable. Having a professional concierge in your lobby to welcome your guests is most helpful, especially if your guests need help locating your condo. A grand entrance with spectacular flooring and glass windows from ceiling to floor gives guests an amazing first look at the grounds before they ever reach your condo.

Dining and Retail in an Upscale Area

A few of the finer perks of living in a condo on Ocean Avenue includes being close to dining and retail options that are upscale. Olympic Boulevard and Tongva Park both offer shopping and dining opportunities that are some of the finest on Ocean Avenue. You will be just steps away from elegant dining that is perfect for date night or entertaining guests. Shopping close to home is also a great perk that allows you to shop within walking distance if you choose.

Store Your Bike on Location

If you are an avid bike rider, then you can store your bike in safe storage where you live. Having your bike stored on site makes it much easier to pull it from storage and enjoy a ride on the beach. You will also be able to take it to shop and be able to conveniently bring packages home.

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