Live Life as a Rock and Roll Star for a Few Weeks in NJ’s School of Rock

Is it your dream to become a rock star? Maybe your kid just wants to be a rock star and you want to support his or her dream. Whatever the reason, you can join a rock school in Red Bank, NJ. This rock band school has some living legends teaching various courses in music and playing typical rock band instruments. Here’s a sample of what you can learn at the rock school in Red Bank, NJ.

Learn to Write Your Songs at Rock Band School

Dabbling with songwriting is one thing. Learning to write great songs with both words and music is entirely different. Learn to write the notes of music for each of the instruments in a rock band as well as the song lyrics themselves.

Get Music Business Advice Straight From the Mouths That Lived It

If you could ask some long-time rockers some important questions, what would you ask? What kind of advice would you be seeking? These are things you will get when you sign up for a program through this rock band school. The school has had many notable guests that students and rock campers in Fantasy Camp have been able to meet and talk to face to face. The funds for all of the programs by the school go to promote other music programs from elementary school to college level, but the guest musicians have been the biggest draw for enrollees in this school of rock. If you would like to know more, contact Rockit Academy on their website.

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