Nov 22, 2013

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Live in an Extended Stay Hotel and Explore Kenya’s Rich History

Kenya has a long and rich history. After all, humanity in its entirety originated on the African continent. If you’re thinking of traveling to Kenya, you’ll want to stay for a lengthy period in order to imbibe as much of its history as you can, visit Wasini Hotel. There are plenty of fantastic options for an extended stay hotel in Kenya. Choose a place where you can relax comfortably in the evenings, since you’ll probably want to be out traveling all day!

Kenya’s history dates back to prehistoric times. Fossils discovered on Kenyan territory indicate that primate-like creatures inhabited the area as much as 20 million years ago. The most recent find, near Lake Turkana, suggests that the hominid species Homo habilis and Homo erectus may be ancestors of the modern Homo sapiens (that’s us!). From your extended stay hotel in Kenya, you can enjoy tracing the origins of humanity by visiting museums and possibly some archaeological sites as well.

Sometime around the year 2,000 B.C., people speaking a Cushitic language moved from northern Africa into what is now known as Kenya. Eventually, the people of Kenya developed ties with traders from the Arabian peninsula, and some Arab and Persian traders started living in East Africa by the 8th century. Niloti and Bantu peoples moved into the area in the first millennium A.D., and the Kenyan coast became host to communities of artisans, subsistence farmers, fishermen and hunters, many of whom traded with foreign territories. Kenya became involved in seafaring activities from the 6th century onwards and began to send people to other ports along the African coastline to trade in beads and other goods. Mombasa was the principle port city of pre-colonial Kenya. A Portuguese sailor described this city as a beautiful and busy harbor, with many strange boats and larger ships coming from places such as Sofala, Cambay and the island of Zanzibar. As part of your time at your extended stay hotel in Kenya, you should be sure to visit Mombasa and other East African port cities.

The Swahili peoples inhabiting Kenya in the centuries prior to colonization were involved in the trade of slaves and ivory with Arab and Indian merchants. Swahili is a Bantu language with a vocabulary that includes words from Arabic and Persian as well as other languages from the Middle East and South Asia. Its agglomeration of words from foreign lands indicates Kenya’s importance in trading activities. In fact, Swahili developed into a lingua franca for trading communities.

There are many different tribes living in Kenya today. U.S. President Barack Obama has ties to the Luo tribe, as that is the tribe that his father is from. Other Kenyan tribes include the Turkana, Masai and Wakalejini.

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