May 22, 2014

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Litigating Premises Liabilities With An Accident Lawyer In Fredericksburg, VA

Virginia allows victims of personal injuries two years only to file a claim against the individual or company that caused their accident. This statute of limitation runs out on the second anniversary of the accident. The only deviation from this two-year rule is if the individual suffered a permanent injury or disfigurement. Any victims of personal injuries should contact an Accident Lawyer in Fredericksburg VA to schedule a consultation.

Premises Liabilities

A premises liability applies to any circumstances in which someone is injured in an area that is publicly-accessible. This includes, but is not limited to shopping centers, schools, parks, and campgrounds. It further implicates government buildings in which the public may venture such as the courthouse or post office. A premises liability applies to any failure in which safety standards were not met by the management company, public official, or agency responsible for maintaining the area.

Public Events

During a public event, safety precautions must be addressed to prevent a premises liability. This includes hiring adequate levels of security to prevent criminal activities or altercations. Any publicly-sponsored events that involve alcohol must present further restrictions to prevent further liabilities. Among these liabilities are automobile accidents due to intoxicated drivers served at the event as well as minor consumption and distribution.

At any time an injury occurs, the party who was responsible for enforcing safety standards is as equally liable as the property owner and any agencies that are required to maintain the area. An investigation is initiated to determine the origin of the failure which implicated a premises liability. For example, walkways that are blocked by debris, inadequate security, faulty equipment all present the right ingredients for a premises liability.

Fire and safety regulations that apply to publicly-accessible areas such as bar, nightclubs, and entertainment venues should be upheld throughout any events held within the facility. If the management staff fails to comply with these requirements, he or she is liable when an accident with injury occurs. Victims who suffered a severe injury due to a premises liability should contact an Accident Lawyer in Fredericksburg VA through the law offices of Dulaney, Lauer and Thomas, LLP.

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