Nov 28, 2013

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Lip piercings can be either upper or lower

lip piercing jewelryThere are many different places to have a lip pierced, far more than ear piercing. They all have names that indicate to the knowledgeable where the piercing is located. A Monroe for example is located on the left side of the upper lip; a Labret is located dead center of the lower lip. There can be single piercings or double piercings which are often referred to as “snake bites.”

A lip piercing is a pretty straight forward affair. The basic standard piercing is done just a little bit outside the lip line; they can be on either the upper lip or lower lip. The basic lip piercing jewelry consists of a barbell, stud or CBR, captive bead ring. It is up to the individual whether he or she wears one or a number of lip rings, all rules are out the door.

Other than for the vertical labret, lip piercings go through the mouth into the oral cavity. Because of this care is important and to care for the piercing properly you will have to exercise two different treatments. It is also important to understand that part of the lip piercing jewelry is inside your mouth and care must be taken to avoid chipping or breaking a tooth. As a result of having part of the jewelry in your mouth, over time the disc or stud may begin to abrade a tooth surface. If you or your dentist notice this then the best solution is to stop wearing it. This may not be the greatest option but it will be better than losing a tooth or having to have dental reconstruction which is quite expensive.

If you are a smoker and you want a lip piercing then you had better be prepared to quit smoking. Of course you must stop smoking while the piercing is healing but as lip piercings are easy to irritate with cigarette smoke, if you don’t quit, you can expect long term problems.

Once you have your lip pierced you need to decide what lip piercing jewelry you are going to wear and stick with it. A CBR and circular barbell is curved, a labret stud is straight and to avoid any problems, once you decide the type of jewelry, don’t change because it won’t sit properly.

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