Feb 14, 2020

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Lighting in the Workplace — Why It’s Important, and What to Consider

Lighting in the Workplace — Why It’s Important, and What to Consider

Some believe that humans are basically complicated flowers. The body requires the basic needs of plants — sunlight, water, and food. It’s no wonder, then, that lighting plays such an essential role in a person’s mood. Research has studied the effect of reduced lighting on people’s physiological responses and found that areas with shorter sunlight exposure show an increase in anxiety, substance abuse, and health-related issues.

Selecting lighting for the workplace needs to be methodical. The type of lighting should depend on the nature of work. Controlling heat emitted by lighting also reduces unfavorable temperatures that can slow down office morale and motivation. There should be sufficient lighting that mimics the natural light from the sun without too much exposure to artificial chemicals.

Lighting should not be distracting or complicated. A combination of natural and artificial light provides better conditions for a productive workplace. Modern office lighting should reduce glare, which can be uncomfortable for the eyes. In addition to eye strain, poor lighting can lead to headaches, fatigue, and sleep issues. Environments that only use artificial light pose greater risks to their employee’s health.

Carefully selected modern office lighting that is energy efficient improves employee comfort and reduces energy expenses that affect a company’s bottom line.

Lighting with dimming features are great for areas that may host meetings or presentations. Having a motion-sensor controlled lighting system eliminates unnecessary energy use.

Worker productivity depends on the conditions of the workplace, so the more comfortable an employee is, the more likely he will produce quality work — at least that is the goal.

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