Aug 17, 2017

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Lift Truck Scales: Basic Types

Lift Truck Scales: Basic Types

In Dallas TX, a common piece of equipment is a lift truck. Often known as a forklift, this powerful little machine is capable of lifting, shifting and moving various types of loads around a warehouse or in an industrial facility. They can lift loads on and off vehicles, shelves and storage shelves. However, until rather recently, weighing the load has been an extra step to any forklift maneuver. The incorporation of lift truck scales into the machinery now offers several advantages.

Forklift Truck Scales: Types

Forklift truck scales are devices that integrate the ability to weigh the amount of load the vehicle is carrying into the lift itself. They, therefore, reduce the need to perform an extra action to ensure the load the forklift is carrying is accurate and safe. These scales help companies save money, time and effort. Renting or purchasing them in Dallas TX is not difficult, it is important, however, to consider what type of scale best suits your intended use.

Types of forklift truck scale systems include the following:

Carriage Scale System: This is built into the carriage of the forklift 

Fork Scale & Integrated Fork Scale – they use load cells built into the fork of the forklift

Hazardous Zone Weighing: These systems are designed specifically for working in hazardous zones

Hydraulic Load Indicators – the weight system is fitted into the hydraulics system

Hydraulic Onboard Weighing Systems – a cost-effective system 

Each type has something to recommend it.

Lift Truck Scales

The purpose of a lift scale is to allow the process of lifting and carrying by a lift to proceed without hindrance or interruption. Lift truck scales can collect and organize data on the weight and material. Overall, forklift scales, by preventing extra steps in the process, increase the overall efficiency of an operation. In Dallas TX, many warehouse managers gladly install this readily available and safety measure and measurement.


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