Feb 28, 2019

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Life in Jail Before Assistance From a Bail Bonds Company in Upper Marlboro MD

Life in Jail Before Assistance From a Bail Bonds Company in Upper Marlboro MD

A Bail Bonds Company in Upper Marlboro MD helps men and women who have been arrested and charged with a crime. They are taken to jail to wait for trial or another form of case resolution. Most defendants are offered the opportunity to pay cash bail or collateral, or to have a bonding company post a surety bond to secure their release.

Each county jail has its own unique characteristics, but there are general similarities. People who have never been in one of these facilities and haven’t spoken with a person who has spent time in jail tend to have misconceptions about what the experience is like. They may only know what they’ve seen on TV dramas or even situation comedies that make light of the circumstances.

Common Criminal Offenses

One misconception is that a jail is filled with repeat offenders who have been charged with crimes like armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and even homicide. In reality, most jail inmates are there for lesser offenses. Charges of drug possession and domestic violence are common reasons for people to need a Bail Bonds Company in Upper Marlboro MD. Some individuals are there because they were caught driving under the influence of alcohol or driving after license revocation.

A Typical Environment

Many jails are more like crowded dorms than a building filled with individual and dual cells. Inmates may be allowed to spend time in group settings watching TV or playing cards. They eat meals on a regimented schedule. Sometimes the place gets rowdy, but often the men and women don’t cause any trouble in this setting.

Unaffordable Cash Bail

When people learn how low the bail amount is for many individuals and yet how unaffordable it is for them, they may become concerned about the unfairness of the system for lower-income men and women. Many defendants simply do not have $2,000 available to pay for cash bail, even though the money will be returned when the case ends if they don’t run away. Instead, they may be able to pay a 10-percent nonrefundable fee to an organization like Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency for a surety bond and release from jail. Contact us for assistance.

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