Dec 24, 2013

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Licensed Bailbond Agents and Blanket Bonds

If you’ve been arrested and you have had bail set for your release, perhaps one of your best friends is going to be Licensed Bailbond Agents. However, if this is the first time we’ve been arrested, the process of bail and the inner workings of a bail bond agent may be a bit foreign to you so here’s a couple of things to remember about this process.

Typically, a licensed bail bond agent is going to have a contractual relationship with the courts. This is where the licensed bail bondsman comes into effect. They are able to issue what is called a blanket bond for your release. What makes a blanket bond beneficial to you as well as the licensed bail bondsman is a blanket bond is much less than the initial bail that was set for your release. In some cases, it can be anywhere from 10% to 15% of the actual bail. In essence, this is a guarantee by the bail bond agent that you will show up for your appointed court date at a later time.

Another reason why this blanket bond is beneficial is that it doesn’t cost the bail bondsman a great deal of money nor does it cost you much cash. Obviously, if the bail bondsman produces a blanket bond for your release, there will be fees attached to that loan that you’ll have to repay. However, being that it is only a percentage of your bail means that it’s going to be more affordable for you to pay back and it reduces the expense that the Licensed Bailbond Agents have to lay out in order to get you released at your full bail amount. This means that if you were to miss your court date without a very good reason, the blanket bond that would be confiscated by the courts wouldn’t be nearly the amount of money of your initial bail.

This is just one aspect of what a licensed bail bondsman offers. However, if you find yourself charged with a crime and bail has been set for your release, a licensed bail bondsman is going to be a resource you’ll need to seriously consider.

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