Jun 3, 2014

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Let Your Boat Take A Road Trip

There are some people (mostly the owners of boats) who say that a boat is nothing but a hole in the water that you throw money into. Initial purchase price, fuel, maintenance and mooring fees are some of the expenses boat owners face. Unless one actually lives full time on their boat, the cost per hour of usage can be very high.

Cost Reduction

You might think that, if you only use the boat a few times in a year, you may be able to reduce the expense by hauling it out of the water and storing it on land rather than paying mooring fees. However, if your boat is being kept afloat in a marina, after you have paid them to lift it out of the water and place it in their dry storage area, you start paying rent on the space it occupies. Additionally, each time you put it back on the water, there will be lifting or launching fees to pay. Savings can be made this way but not very large ones.


Maybe a bigger amount could be saved if your land storage is located at premises that you already own? However to do this economically, you will need a boat trailer to transport it from the water to your place and back again. An added advantage to this is that you are now free to launch your boat on any stretch of water that you fancy. All you have to do is tow the boat trailer for whatever distance you choose – even across to the other side of the country, if you are up to the driving.

A Question Of Size

Boat towing is easier and less stressful if the boat is small. A jet ski is a prime example. However, as the boat gets larger, it becomes harder to get it out of the water and up onto the trailer. Then, there is the question of the boat’s stability once it is up on the trailer. The bigger the boat, the greater the height from keel to highest point on the superstructure. Hydraulic rams are often used to stabilize a big boat on a trailer.

Before any bigger boat owner sets out to look for a Hydraulic Boat Trailer For Sale, they must also consider the all-up load that they are likely to be towing. If the boat is large enough to warrant a hydraulic trailer, then, a standard sedan is unlikely to be up to the task. Some of the larger models of Hydraulic Boat Trailer For Sale will require the tractor unit from a typical 18 wheeler to get them moving and transport the boat safely to its destination.

If you are looking for a hydraulic boat trailer for sale, you need look no further than HOSTAR Marine Transport Systems, Inc. They manufacture a wide range of trailer types to suit the needs of both individual owners and boat yard or marina operators. Check them out at hostarmarine.com.


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