Apr 17, 2013

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Let The Criminal Lawyer Long Island NY Handle Your Defense

Being charged with a criminal offense can be the beginning of a long process of dealing with the courts. The legal system is in place to protect society, and the rights of the accused should also be guaranteed unless and until the time that they plead guilty or are found guilty.

The truth is that the courts are a very busy and crowded place with an overworked staff who must face large calendars of cases each morning and afternoon. For those who find themselves as defendants in a court of law, their cases have a better chance of a favorable outcome if they are represented by their own lawyer.

Hiring the Criminal Lawyer Long Island NY can help give the person facing a criminal charge some peace of mind about each of their court appearances. The initial appearance, also known as an arraignment, is a place to enter the plea of guilty or not guilty and to begin the process of negotiations with the prosecution.
Your lawyer can handle all of the interactions with the prosecutor and will also have the added advantage of being familiar with that person due to their professional contacts in the past.

In general, prosecuting attorneys prefer to deal with defense lawyers and not the defendants directly, so being represented by the criminal lawyer in Long Island NY can be an advantage for you from the beginning. Your lawyer will know the workings of the local courts and will be familiar with the various judges who rotate through the calendars in your locality.

Having your own dedicated defense attorney can mean that your case will be followed by someone whose sole purpose is to advocate for what is best for you. This can ensure that your case is given every opportunity for settlement, charge reduction or dismissal when possible.

If the charge you are facing now is your very first one, your attorney may have more options for minimizing its effect on your future and your record. For a person who has prior convictions on their record, it is even more vital that an experienced and savvy lawyer is representing them for their new charge. Your attorney will always advocate for the best outcome on your behalf.

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