Feb 24, 2014

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Let Personal Prophecy Help you find your Identity

You will find that there are many factors that have lead up to the person you are today. If you have had many negative factors in your life you may feel unworthy of God’s love and suffer from low self-esteem. This means your identity is suffering which may make it harder for you to find your way in life. A Bishop Jordan Prophecy can help you find your identity.

Let go of the Past
If you had a sad or difficult childhood, were led down a path of sin or had an abusive relationship all of these factors have left negative scars on your identity. Negative events in your life will make it difficult for you to feel good about yourself, nurture new and fulfilling relationships or even do well in a career or at school. A Bishop Jordan prophecy will introduce you to God and provide you with insight into what God intends for you. It will help you let go of the past and look to the future with God in your life as the guiding light to help you find your true identity.

Change your Views
A Bishop Jordan prophecy can help you change your views of your self. It will show you that God loves you and is there for you with a clear path and answers to help you love yourself again. Corinthians says that anyone who finds Christ can be created anew while all things of the past are dead. You are able to create yourself anew with a new lease on life and new faith not only in God, but in yourself. You will see that God is within you and that the love of God is your saving grace to find yourself in a new positive light.

Release Guilt
A sense of feeling unworthy of God’s love can stem from many misconceptions. The main misconception is that God’s love is conditional on us being perfect and without sin. However it is the complete opposite. God’s love is unconditional and it is up to us to embrace God’s love. We must release any guilt we feel from past sin, or what we construe as past sin and find strength knowing God loves us despite our weaknesses.

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