Jan 15, 2014

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Let Led Plant Grow Lights Improve Your Harvest

For most plants; whether decorative or nutritious, nature intended for them to grow out of doors and in daylight; take away the daylight and the plants will not thrive. However, from the earliest days of human development, we have been striving to improve on nature for our own benefit. Plants that evolved naturally have been “tinkered” with to improve whatever feature mankind wanted to harvest from them. An attractive wild, natural rose has been painstakingly transformed into one with a giant, prize winning bloom in a color never intended by nature; or a plant with small, edible seeds has been transformed into one that produces larger, succulent grains. At one time this was a long term process involving cross pollination and grafting to remove the weaker traits and boost the desired ones; nowadays, we have “genetic modification” to accomplish change more quickly.

But, They Still Need To See The Light

Forget about mushrooms and other fungi; concentrate on the basic green leafed variety of plants that have roots and draw water and nutrition out of the soil; take in carbon dioxide from the air and extract the oxygen to breathe and absorb the sun’s rays to photosynthesize into energy to fuel their growing process. Farmers and horticulturists can adjust the chemical makeup of the soil to provide the plant the nutrition it best needs; or, with hydroponics, even the dirt is taken out of the equation.

We have constructed structures like green houses to protect “our” plants from the elements and provide them with ideal temperature and humidly climatic conditions that are not always available in the wild. To the best of my knowledge, we have not done much to change the air that the plants breathe; but we have investigated, experimented and made changes to the light that fuels their growth. We now know which parts of the light spectrum are best suited for growth in which plant; which means we can give them their favorite light diet.

With the coming of electricity; we not only had a convenient light source; but, we invented better ways to produce and control the light emitted from our lamps. The latest being light emitting diodes (LED’s) which are efficient to run and can be made to produce light in specific intensities; especially those most suited for plant growth. Anyone growing plants indoors and away from sunlight should get much more success if the use Led Plant Grow Lights; give your plants the light they want and they will reward you with the produce that you want.


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