Nov 17, 2014

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Let An Injury Attorney In Murfreesboro TN Help You To Get Fair Compensation For Your Burns

It would be hard to argue that a serious burn is about the most horrific injury that anyone could have. However, the pain can be agonizing and the treatment lengthy. There are often multiple surgeries. The costs are enormous. A person’s entire life is changed forever by the pain and scarring.

There are about 40,000 people in the United States hospitalized with catastrophic burns. Most of these burn victims will receive all or most of their treatment at a burn center. These specialized hospitals are very good at what they do. Almost all of those treated will survive (over 96%). However, some of these survivors feel that life has not been worth living since being being badly burned.

There are many possible causes of burns. The most common reason that people are badly burned is being trapped within a burning building. Fires resulting from car accidents sends many to the hospital. Others are injured at work or in explosions. People are burned by electricity or scalded by hot liquids. The human body is very fragile.e

The costs involved build up rapidly. Once the patient is out of the hospital, long-term care and rehabilitation will be required. The costs of the time and treatment received at the burn center alone may exceed one million dollars. Many burn victims require a number of surgeries. People may never return to work or return only after an extended absence. They may never again be able to work at their prior profession. Lost earning potential can amount to a very substantial sum. Pain and suffering, incurred because of someone’s negligence, deserve full and fair compensation.

Approximately 1 out of every 3 burn victims is below the age of 19. Every day a child dies because of his or her burns; burns are one of the leading causes of death in children. Both children and adults often suffer from other illnesses as complications from the burns, such as pneumonia, infections or cellulitis.

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