Less Contamination with Disposable Products

Medical disposables can help lessen the chance of contamination. This is true for both protective personal equipment as well as items used for patients. Recent studies have shown reusable products can still be contaminated even following rigorous decontamination. When disposable and reusable PPE was compared following use 94.9 percent of reusable eye wear showed signs of contamination whereas only 37.7 percent of disposable products were contaminated. Directly following best practices for decontamination 74 percent of the eye pieces still tested positive for microbial contamination.

ER Pillows

In ER’s living contaminants thrive on pillows despite decontamination procedures. The contaminants include E. Coli as well as germs that can cause serious respiratory and urinary tract infections. The best way to avoid such contaminants is to use medical disposables such as disposable pillow shields to lessen the chances of patients leaving the ER with HAI’s.

Easy Use of Medical Disposables

PPE must be available at point of use. One of the advantages of medical disposable products is that they can be stored and located where they are needed. This is especially important in ER’s where seconds may stand between the patient’s life and death. Staff can access the items when needed. Medical disposables are a must in departments such as ER’s as well as walk-in and urgent care clinics where turnover is fast paced. Having access to medical disposables cuts down on time between patients and allows clinics to see more patients. As well when it comes to PPE medical staff are more likely to be compliant and don the necessary and recommended protective equipment from eye shields to masks and gowns when they are readily available

Easy Protocol

Having medical disposables are part of your clinic’s standard protocol both for PPE and point of contact with patients will make it easy for medical staff to follow standard procedure. Having PPE available at point of use as well as providing medical disposables such as disposable pillow slips and gowns for patients will cut down on contamination as well as on time and money spent on laundry and staff time to wipe down areas for decontamination purposes. You can elect to purchase the items that are suited to your clinic’s distinct needs and lessen cross contamination and the cases of HAI’s.

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