Mar 18, 2016

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Learning Whether an Insurance Settlement Pays for Chiropractic Treatment

Learning Whether an Insurance Settlement Pays for Chiropractic Treatment

For Auto Injury Chiropractic Treatment Colorado Springs residents want to know whether their health insurance will pay for their care. If someone else caused the accident and that person’s automotive insurance company is paying for medical care, coverage for chiropractic treatment is also a concern. Many people know that this care is often more effective than conventional medical treatment for back and neck pain, problems that are very common after vehicle collisions. They may want a combination of physical therapy, massage and chiropractic attention but believe that insurance should pay for it.

Convincing an insurer to cover alternative therapies is easier if a medical doctor verifies that those therapies are beneficial for this patient. Sending a copy of a letter from a doctor or another type of verification to the insurer should result in at least some of the treatment being covered. If the at-fault driver’s insurer is paying a lump-sum settlement, some of that money not designated for medical care also could be used to pay for alternative treatment.

With attention from a chiropractor such as Brian C. Helland D.C, an injured person may be able to return to work and other normal activities much sooner than would otherwise be expected. This type of care can substantially reduce musculoskeletal pain and quickly return the patient to full functioning. Through various strategies, the chiropractor relieves pressure on spinal nerves, brings the spine back into proper alignment, and provides pain relief. An insurer may be inclined to pay for this treatment instead of having to pay for many extra weeks of lost wages while the person continues to be laid up.

Numerous sessions may be needed as the individual recovers. Gradually, he or she will be able to decrease the frequency of these sessions and may eventually stop them altogether. Some people who have experienced an acute injury continue to find benefit from occasional chiropractic treatment. They might schedule an appointment when back pain starts to flare up, or they may simply have a routine monthly appointment. They find they feel better in general when their spine stays in correct alignment through chiropractic adjustments.

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