May 25, 2015

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Learning More About Sunless Tanning

There has been a lot of warnings recently about spending too much time in the sun. The sun gives you a tan, yes, but it also prematurely ages your skin and can even cause skin cancer. Fortunately, however, there are many options you can choose from if you want beautifully tanned skin. Don’t tan under the harsh UV rays of the sun. Choose Sunless Tanning instead.

Tanning Salons

Tanning salons can be found almost everywhere, and they are a very popular choice for achieving a nice, even tan in a relatively short amount of time. Depending on your skin type, natural color, and the salon you go to, there are numerous choices offered by salons to help you to get the perfect tan.

-Tanning Beds – This is the most popular method used by tanning salons. You lie on a specially designed, table shaped “bed”, and tanning lamps above and below you focus rays all over your body.

-Tanning Booths – This method of salon tanning has become preferred by many during recent years, as there are many advantages you get from standing up while you tan rather than lying on a tanning bed. A lovely, even tan is usually acquired by attending three to six sessions which are typically eight to fifteen minutes long each. After your tan is completed, you must schedule two or three tanning sessions a month to keep your sun-kissed color fresh and glowing for as long as possible.

Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotion is an easy way for anyone to have Sunless Tanning done. It is a perfect solution for anyone who wants a tan but is sensitive to the UV rays used by tanning beds or booths. Tanning lotion will give you a beautiful healthy look in minutes, making this option perfect if you have a busy schedule or want to attend a last minute event. Tanning lotion contains special chemicals to keep your skin healthy and hydrated while giving it a darker color. There are several different formulas your salon can help you choose from depending on your natural skin tone and sensitivity, and your desired shade. It does not make you immune to the sun, however, so you need to wear sunscreen whenever you are outside.

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