Oct 24, 2013

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Learning About Pecans While Shopping In Phoenix

Pecans are a delicious treat and really popular around the U.S. Pecan trees and their fruit have many different uses, in various regions. There are over one hundred pecan festivals held around the country, each year. Pecans have a rich, buttery flavor, and can be eaten fresh or cooked. In 2012, nearly three-fourths of the nation’s pecans were produced in Georgia, Texas and New Mexico. Further, the U.S. exported 486.9 million dollars worth of pecans last year. The largest buyers were Hong Kong and Canada.
Pecan lovers should go Shopping in Phoenix. They will discover The Green Valley Pecan Company Store. The store stocks a variety of products including:

* candied pecans
* pecan coffee
* pecan oil
* pecan brittle
* pecan butter
* whole pecans/halves
* gift boxes

Green Valley is the largest irrigated/integrated pecan orchard in the world. The orchard was planted on land that used to grow cotton. Pecans are one of the more recently domesticated crops. Wild pecans were eaten during colonial times as a delicacy, but commercial growing did not begin until the 1880’s. Pecan pie is a traditional southern recipe, and New Orleans is famous for praline candy. People, all over the country use pecans to make cookies, cakes, and to top sweet potato casserole. Pecan wood is treasured for making furniture, wood floors and smoking meat. Gardeners say pecan shells are acidic and make excellent mulch, especially for azaleas.
Pecans are considered seeds, and are members of the hickory family. Did you know pecans were a healthy snack? Pecans are a good source of protein, unsaturated fat and omega-6 fatty acids. Scientists say a diet rich in seeds can lower the risk of gallstones in women. Further, the antioxidants and plant sterols in pecans help to lower cholesterol. Studies also show eating pecans daily helps to slow down age-related muscle degeneration. Therefore, people shouldn’t feel guilty when they go shopping in Phoenix AZ at Green Valley. Many of the products will make excellent holiday gifts, and cooks would love to receive a bag of whole pecans. The company will customize a gift basket with pecan brittle, butter toffee pecans, and pecan butter, or any variety of goodies.

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