Learn the Basics of DUI Defense

Being charged with a DUI isn’t an uncommon occurrence. In fact, this is the most common crime alleged against the regular, everyday citizen. The reasons why are clear: alcohol is prevalent and the laws are strict. Therefore, if you are charged with a DUI, you shouldn’t live in fear. A DUI Lawyer in Jacksonville FL can help you fight your case. Learn what a DUI case consists of and how you can fight back.

What The Prosecution Must Show

There are a few facts that the prosecution needs to show in order to convict someone of a DUI charge. In most jurisdictions, the prosecution needs to prove two elements. The first is that the defendant drove or operated a motor vehicle. Second, the prosecutor needs to show that the person was under the influence. This term means that the person was acting under the effects of alcohol or drugs. The way each of the elements is interpreted depends on the jurisdiction.

Defenses to the Crime

There are several ways to challenge a DUI charge. A DUI lawyer in Jacksonville FL can help you determine which defense is applicable to your case. For example, you may assert that there was no probable cause for the DUI arrest. The argument here is that the police did not have a reason to believe a crime was underway when they pulled you over. In some cases, even a minor traffic violation may not be enough for police to investigate a DUI. Check with your DUI lawyer in Jacksonville FL for more information.

Another defense is to argue that your inebriation did not surpass the legal limit. You may need to use scientific and physical evidence to use this defense. Relevant proof may include the improper use of DUI examination equipment or improper readings on field sobriety tools. All in all, your defense will depend on the circumstances of your case.

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