Feb 27, 2015

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Learn More About Dental Fillings in Wichita KS

There are a couple of different reasons a person might need Dental Fillings Wichita KS. One of the most common reasons is for cavity treatment. Dental fillings may also be used to repair damage from tooth injuries. Through a filling, your tooth can be properly sealed so the nerve is not exposed and you no longer experience any further damage.

When you need a filling, the dentist will first need to remove the decayed areas of your tooth. If the decayed areas are left in place, the damage can continue in the tooth and will eventually lead to tooth death.

Once these areas have been removed, the dentist will mix together the filling material. Fillings may be made from amalgam, metal alloys, composite materials and porcelain. Metal alloy and amalgam fillings typically are stronger and last longer. These are most often used on the back teeth, since they need to be strong to be able to chew your food.

Porcelain and composite material fillings have grown in popularity because they blend in well with the tooth so the repair work is not noticeable. Your dentist will make the decision on which type of filling will best benefit your tooth.

In the event you have an injury in your tooth, a filling may be used. Filling material can be placed into the crack or break so the tooth is sealed off. This not only prevents the tooth from causing pain, but it also makes it much stronger so it is less likely to become damaged.

It is important you care for your filling so you can avoid any damage from occurring. The filling should last as long as seven to ten years with proper care. Your dentist will give you instructions for care so your tooth stays protected.

If you are in need of Dental Fillings Wichita KS, contact your dentist today and schedule an appointment. The dentist can fully examine your tooth to see what type of damage has been done. Through a filling, the health of your tooth can be protected. This will keep your smile looking its best.

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