Learn More about Commercial Scuba Diving Training in North Charleston

Commercial scuba diving training opens up many career possibilities for individuals who enjoy being in the water. While most people think of scuba diving as a recreational sport, there are many industries that higher trained divers for commercial projects. The marine construction industry is an example of an industry that hires divers trained with the following types of certification.

Underwater Welding

Divers with underwater welding experience work on ships but are also in high demand for projects that require welding of critical structures and load-bearing structures. Welding certification is usually done as part of an Air/Mixed Gas Surface Supplied Diver program.

Underwater Burning

Another diving course that divers might be interested in is the underwater burning diving course. This is a 40-hour program that trains experienced divers in burning and cutting of all metals and other materials underwater.

ROV PIlot & Technician Programs

For individuals who want to assist divers but don’t want to get in the water themselves, the ROV Pilot & Technician diver programs are great options. People who participate in these training programs learn how to remotely provide commercial diver support as well as the inspection and installation of underwater devices.

HAZMAT and HAZWOPER Diver Course

This course trains divers to respond to hazardous situations for general and commercial diving. Divers looking for an inexpensive course that offers more opportunities often start with this course.

Commercial diving is a rewarding and lucrative career. Certified divers interested in learning more about commercial scuba diving training should contact International Diving Institute .

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