Learn How To Sell Your Watches In Chicago

Selling a pocket or wrist watch is an excellent way to get a little money. While you probably won’t turn it into an occupation, you probably have a few timepieces lying around that don’t work, or you don’t use. Sell your watches in Chicago to recoup a little of the money and free up some space in your jewelry box or dresser.


The first step is to determine what your watch would cost if you purchased it today. This will give you a rough estimate of how much the piece is worth to others. However, you should understand that you won’t get an offer for that particular amount. They are buying a second-hand watch that may or may not work properly. Therefore, you probably won’t get as much as a brand new timepiece, but you’ll get a better idea of worth.

Next, you should find out what makes your piece unique if there is anything. These can be excellent selling points.

You should also inspect the watch before selling it. When you go to sell watches, you want to be completely honest as to what is wrong with the item. If you aren’t sure why it doesn’t work, you can tell the buyer that you’re unsure. It could be that it just needs a new battery, but you never got around to putting another one in. Likewise, note any scratches and other drawbacks and be forthright about them.


You may want to take the watch to a few buyers in the area and see what they offer you. You’ll get to compare prices and can take the best deal or choose the most reputable dealer.

Sell watches in Chicago to recoup some of your money and get rid of things that don’t run, or you don’t need. Visit Chicago Gold Gallery now to learn more.

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