Aug 20, 2014

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Learn How Dental Implants In DC Can Replace Those Missing Teeth

Do you know how many teeth an adult should have? Thirty-two. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey has been collecting data since the early 1970s on the state of oral health in America. Their conclusions emphasize that too many Americans don’t pay enough attention to the care of their teeth. Hardly a surprise…
Millions of Americans of all ages have missing teeth. The average adult is missing 7 teeth, and for those over the age of 50, the average tooth loss is 10 teeth. Smoking imposes a cost – the average smoker is missing 2 more teeth than the non-smoker. Just over 10% of all Americans over 50 have no remaining teeth at all. Culture and diet seem to play a part. Mexican Americans lose only half as many teeth as other demographic groups. Not surprisingly, money and education also matter; those who are well-off and better educated tend to have better dental health.

Missing teeth cause many people to become depressed and uncomfortable with intimacy according to a US Surgeon General’s Report, especially for those over the age of 50. While much of the tooth loss is caused by gum disease and tooth decay, injuries are responsible for a lot of missing teeth. Younger, active adults who are employed in dangerous occupations or participate in sports are especially vulnerable to accidents and subsequent lost teeth.

Dental Implants in DC provide an answer that many find to be a much better choice than dentures or a partial bridge. An implant is permanent, and functions just like the missing tooth. People are able to chew, eat and talk normally. It fills the space so that adjoining teeth do not shift. A side benefit is that people are so pleased with their renewed smiles that they may spend a little more time than previously on oral hygiene. They want to keep that smile; it’s important to them.

If you are missing teeth and would like to know if Dental Implants in DC are the answer for you, discuss it with The DC Dentist. You can click here to read more about this high tech, experienced Eco-Dentist. He is focused on individual smile restoration, giving people back the smiles they used to enjoy.

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