Jul 10, 2013

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Learn About a Restaurant Grease Trap in Cincinnati OH

A Restaurant Grease Trap Cincinnati OH is a necessary component of the business. Though a small amount of fat or grease in a septic system is considered to be normal, large amounts can cause a great deal of problems. When a small amount of grease is involved, a thin and often shiny layer of oil forms at the top of the septic tank. Eventually, this layer is digested by the microorganisms that live within the tank.

Too much grease and oil, however, can overwhelm the septic tank. This is the purpose of a Restaurant Grease Trap Cincinnati OH. Located on the sewer line, in between the restaurant’s kitchen and the septic tank, these grease interceptors can be made of cast iron, stainless steel, plastic or concrete.

It is important to be aware that only kitchen wastes flow through a Restaurant Grease Trap Cincinnati OH. There are no other systems, such as toilets, that are served by the line. These grease recovery systems come in a range of different sizes, beginning at 35 liters and ranging up to 45,000 liter and higher.

The size of the Restaurant Grease Trap Cincinnati OH depends on the kitchen setup of the restaurant itself. The size of the pot sink, mop sink, dishwasher and two or three compartment sink all must be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the capacity of the grease removal device. In most instances, these devices are required to remove at least 90% of the fats, oils and greases, or FOGs, that a restaurant produces. Testing by an independent laboratory is required in order to assure compliance with all of the rules and regulations associated with these types of devices.

A Restaurant Grease Trap Cincinnati OH can be located in a variety of different places, such as inside the kitchen, inside the building, under ground or above the ground. Those systems located under the ground can often be recognized by the huge manhole covers that are placed in the street. These covers allow easy access for those professional companies to come and clean the grease traps out on a regular basis.




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