Nov 2, 2013

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Laundromat in Minneapolis, MN Gives You Tips on Dry Cleaning

Most people have items of wear that are near and dear to you and you want to ensure that you get the most wear out of it. It could be that gorgeous evening gown you love to wear or that suit that you had especially tailored and it is the only one that looks good on you. It could be those name brand shirts you wear on your sales calls. Whatever it is, you want optimum care for it, but you don’t know whether you should have it laundered or dry cleaned. A Laundromat in Minneapolis, MN offers some tips to help you decide.

The main difference in laundering and dry cleaning is that dry cleaning uses solvents other than water in the cleaning process. Generally, the dry cleaning method involves an agent called perchloroethylene, a multi-purpose cleaner that removes stains, dissolves grease, prevents shrinkage, and protects the color and integrity of your fabric. Things you might want to know about the cleaning process are

1. You can’t clean all materials
2. Those you can clean are not necessarily good for dry cleaning.
3. You can’t rely 100% on care labels.

You may also want to consider these few differences in laundering and dry cleaning to aid you in making a decision which to do. For laundering, water is the best cleaner there is for most stains. Washed items smell better, not to mention are cheaper to clean. For dry cleaning, it reduces shrinkage of and reduces the wear and tear of your materials. It reduces colors fading or bleeding and it prolongs the life of your favorite garments. Seek a professional cleaner if your garments say “dry clean only,” your garments require special care to various pieces of it, you are not sure what material your garment is comprised of or the garment is extremely delicate.

Pilgrim Dry Cleaners is a Laundromat in Minneapolis, MN and also a provider of dry cleaning services. Not only are they concerned about your clothes, but they participate in the Green Clean technology which ensures they are using the best cleaning agents friendly to the environment. Visit them at their several locations throughout Minnesota, including Medina and Minneapolis.



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