Laser Cutting Has a Ton of Advantages if Your Business Resides in Norfolk, NR

Laser cutting has a ton of advantages if you’re building something metallic. Since it makes precise incisions, it won’t affect the tolerances of your final product. As such, it’s been one of the most popular machining techniques.

Laser Cutting

A modern laser cutter can work on many materials. For example, you could use it to cut a piece of steel up to 20 mm thick. However, if you had to work on aluminum, you could cut up to 12 mm. The only issue with using a laser cutter is the price. Since they cost more to use, there are less costly machining methods in many cases.

NC Guillotine

If your company is cutting costs, a guillotine could be a cost-effective alternative. Thanks to their low-powered design, they don’t cost as much to use. However, they’re still amazing at straight-line creation. So, you may want to ask about using one of them if you’re over budget.

Corner Notcher

Bending is often necessary when forming metal parts, but it’s not always easy. You’ll spend less time bending it and cutting out of the corner from it, improving efficiency.

Band Saws and Circular Saws

Sometimes, cutting parts with a saw is the most effective way to go about things. That’s when using a band saw would make the most sense, too. If not one of them, a circular saw might be another alternative.

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