Landscaping Services for Irrigation Needs

The upkeep of a yard can be an ongoing, taxing project for homeowners, especially if the yard is elaborate and large. Watering is a challenge in all types of climates and it’s an embarrassing reflection on the home’s resident(s) if the grass starts turning brown. No one wants to be the one with the eyesore in the front lawn. Backyards are just as important, particularly if the resident values appearances and wants to entertain in his or her yard. One of the ways to eliminate the guesswork is to use an automated irrigation system that a landscaping services company installs and services.

Proper irrigation is necessary in all areas, but it is even more crucial in locations with dry and seasonal climates. Damasceno’s Landscapes & Construction provide landscaping services in Stamford CT area. In a climate that goes from hot summers to cold winters, an irrigation expert will know where to place sprinkler heads, what time of the day to water and how much to water. An expert will program your automated sprinkler system to behave differently according to lawn size, time of year and desired result. Adjustments can easily be made for unexpected weather patterns, such as excessive rain or early winters.

A benefit of automated sprinkler systems is time and care. You no longer have to schedule time to get out the hose and place sprinklers throughout your yard. Automated systems also help you eliminate excess water use and make sure that you’re not violating any water restrictions. There’s no more guesswork or remembering if you’re allowed to water that day. States with dry climates typically impose restrictions according to odd or even house numbers and ban all watering during specific times of the day.

If you’re interested in installing an automated sprinkler system, you’re under no obligation until you sign a service agreement. Landscapers will come out and take a look at your yard and provide you with a quote first. They will advise you of different options and recommend the most appropriate system. The best time to install an automated sprinkler system is in the spring, before peak summer watering needs begin. A service agreement will include both summer and winter services if you live in a climate with seasonal weather patterns. Click here for more information.

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