Aug 3, 2018

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Landscaping in the upper Northwest

Landscaping in the upper Northwest

From the lush, rolling river in River state Park to the beautiful, brightly colored flowers of Manito Park, followed by the freshly manicured displays of Duncan Garden, all these beautiful places have one thing in common; landscaping. Have you ever dreamed of having your yard be the talk of the neighborhood and a sanctuary for friends and family? One of the best ways to do so is to have your yard professionally landscaped.

Landscape Maintenance in Spokane allows others as well as yourself to truly appreciate the beauty on the earth but there are also many benefits for the environment, housing industry, as well as for the mental state of mind.

Environmental Benefits

One of the most important environmental benefits received is the impact landscaping has on the air. A freshly manicured lawn allows for the grass to take in the carbon dioxide produced from pollutants and in turn, give fresh, clean oxygen for humans, plants and animals to thrive on. Plants, trees, gravel, and grass also help to reduce the noise around us by absorbing sound frequencies. Having a healthy lawn also protects larger bodies of water from obtaining harsh, and unhealthy minerals by absorbing the excess runoff from storms or spills from humans.

Mental Benefits

As mentioned before, there are benefits for your mental state as well for having a landscaped yard. Interactions between plants and humans greatly reduce stressful situations from inside the body thus allowing for a clear state and better outlook on life. Research has proven that children and adults with ADHD have a better time focusing. Construction, as well as outdoor workers, are more productive in their work due to being able to feel more relaxed in a calming atmosphere.

Housing Industry

Curb appeal is very important when looking for and selling a home. With a well-manicured lawn, there becomes more attraction and focus to the home. Thus, allowing the home to sell faster. Studies show that people are more willing to pay for a well-kept yard for themselves and their surroundings than they are for the convenience of how close businesses and shopping centers are.

Starting and keeping Landscaped Maintenance in Spokane may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Making sure you have an honest, and reliable company will help to alleviate the feeling of where to start. Contact us now to learn how to get the yard of your dreams!


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