Landscape Design for Beginners: Notes for the St. Petersburg Resident

St. Petersburg is no stranger to great landscapes, from the beautiful natural beaches to the carefully kept golf courses. The Sunshine City, as it is so fondly called, asks for attractive landscape design, be it residential or commercial. Landscape designers save their clients lots of time and money by collaborating with them to meet their goals. Before you embark on a meeting a landscape designer or landscape design firm, how can you make the most of the meeting?

Having even the smallest notion of what you want is very useful for the landscape designer. Your idea may be very clear in your head, but no one can see inside your head! Make lists or a drawing of how you envision the final project. Do a walk-through of the area, perhaps you saw a walkway or stone wall or specific tree that inspired you. A landscape designer can test the soil and let you know if it’s a good idea to plant that tree, or give suggestions of ones that could be a better fit.

Another way of getting ideas is to ask the landscape design firm or individual designer too see a portfolio. You can see what sort of projects they’ve completed in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas with similar climate and environments. You might get new ideas for your landscape design, or have questions on how long it takes to install certain features.

Ask the designer or firm for references of past landscape design projects in St. Petersburg, and if you can, visit the installations. If possible, make an appointment with those who own the property. Ask about overall satisfaction and quality of the work and demeanor of the landscape design firm. Check to see how the landscape design has held up since completion.

The care and maintenance of plants after installation is important, and not always effective when things like wind, rain, and hurricanes are involved. Sometimes plant loss or damage is inevitable. If you can make sure the landscape design firm or individual designer can use a nursery that offers plant insurance: take it! While it may seem expensive now, it could save you lots of money later.

Estimates are imperative, and landscape design without contracts and clear guidelines can balloon into serious spending. Before the project starts make sure that deadlines and costs are clear, and make sure they don’t escalate, or if they do escalate, that you understand why and have approved each step.

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