Apr 22, 2013

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Knowing Your Septic System in Northampton PA

Knowing Your Septic System in Northampton PA

Most homeowners agree that taking proper care of a home and property is a challenging task, requiring time, energy, and money to maintain. As one of the most important you will make as an adult, it is vital that you stay vigilant when it comes to monitoring your home’s wear and tear. Identifying and addressing issues before they become major problems is the only surefire way to stay ahead of potentially serious damage, and perhaps the most important element in your home is the plumbing and Septic System Northampton PA. Without a method to properly dispose of waste and water, buildings and property quickly develop major structural and sanitary issues.

Many people are unfamiliar with plumbing systems, and contractors and plumbers are frequently asked what is a Septic System Northampton PA. A septic tank is one of the options available for removing waste from your home’s plumbing so that used water and human waste are safely contained away from clean water sources. Typically shaped like a capsule, septic tanks are available in a variety of sizes so that builders can choose the appropriate capacity. Most tanks are installed underground within a concrete casing, but in some cases, depending on the type of soil and other factors, a contractor will place the tank at ground level. Pipes from within the building connect to the tank to allow waste water to flow out and into the tank, where it collects and decomposes. A septic system like this obviously has a limited capacity, so it is vital for homeowners to monitor septic tanks and schedule regular maintenance. Without proper attention, it’s possible that the tank may overflow, causing waste to back up into your home and requiring intensive and expensive repairs. Some areas may even levy fines against homeowners who fail to properly maintain their septic systems.

While dealing with plumbing and septic tank issues is never fun, keeping these elements in top condition is vital to maintaining your home. If you have a Septic System Northampton PA, make a point of monitoring your system for any problems, and keep the number of a trusted plumber handy.

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