Feb 18, 2014

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Knowing What To Shop For When Buying A Quad Monitor Display

If your business is in the market for multiple monitors, you need to understand the basics of shopping for a quad monitor display. Quad units are perfect for businesses that require many documents or software to run simultaneously. Call centers, medical practices with multiple doctors, and college campuses can all benefit from utilizing multiple monitors.

Size And Shape Of Your Monitors

Quad monitor display systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find screen sizes from 19 to 30 inches, with most businesses opting for the 22 or 24-inch models. The larger your screens, the more desktop space you will need to display the monitors. You can configure the monitors in a variety of ways depending on your business needs. If you need a landscape horizontal view, lining the monitors across the desk will work fine. However, you can also have two sets of two vertical monitors next to each other to create a window effect. A T shaped configuration, with two monitors in the middle and two coming out from each side is another option.

Warranties & Tech Support

Remember to purchase additional warranties for your quad monitor display. It’s essential that you protect your technology investments, especially if multiple employees will use the same system, increasing the risk of damage. Consider the depreciation of value when purchasing a warranty. To help protect your computer system even more, make sure you invest in the proper surge protector power strips, just in case your business gets struck by lightning or experiences multiple power outages.

When you make your purchase, ask about the tech support. Many retailers offer buyers a limited amount of free tech support, along with a paid subscription to 24/7 tech support. Unless you employ your own tech staff, having someone who can walk you through issues is imperative. If you discover that a quad monitor display isn’t enough, you can always invest in more monitors in the future.


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