Apr 9, 2013

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Know When to Call AC Contractors Ennis TX

Do you have problems with your air conditioning unit? Are you afraid it won’t work for the next cooling season? Know when to call AC Contractors Ennis TX to repair your air conditioning unit and when it can wait. Don’t wait to call until it is too late because it can mean costly repairs and more problems with your AC unit.

Preventative Maintenance

When dealing with an air conditioner unit, it is best to perform preventative maintenance. The repairman will be able to detect a potential problem and fix it before it becomes a large and costly problem. Getting preventive maintenance yearly can save homeowners a lot of money on their electric bills during the summer months.


If you hear any noises coming from your AC, it is time to call AC Contractors Ennis TX. Even a small noise can mean a big problem, which can lead to costly repairs and even replacement in the future.

Air Duct Cleaning

Clogged or dirty air ducts are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. This bacteria can make you and your family sick, so the ducts need to be cleaned. Dirty ducts also force your air conditioner to work harder, and it can eventually cause your unit to break down completely. Ask your repairman to clean the ducts regularly to keep your family healthy and help extend the life of your air conditioning unit.


Air conditioners get dirty during the off-season, and this dirt can cause them to work harder than they need to. This not only wastes electricity, but it also puts extra stress on the unit. You will notice higher than usual electricity costs if your air conditioner is very dirty. Eventually, your air conditioner will wear out, and you will have to replace it with a new model.

Calling a professional to clean your unit ensures that it is done correctly. Technicians know what parts to clean and to clean them. The money spent on the service call will be saved by lower energy bills and your air conditioning unit will last a lot longer if it is kept clean.

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