Jun 19, 2014

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Know What Your charitable donations Really Support!

The Humane Society of Huron Valley (Hshv.org) is an established, independent public entity that accepts charitable donations and exists for the purpose of ensuring that every animal within the local community receives responsible and loving care. It fights against animal cruelty and rescues animals in need, providing them necessary medical care, foster homes and eventually, new, loving, permanent “forever” homes. HSHV is an animal welfare organization. Many people today confuse the term animal welfare with that of animal rights, a confusion often deliberately fostered by animal rights groups such as PETA and HSUS. Animal rights activists are radical fundamentalists whose ultimate goal is to end the ownership of all animals. Their most powerful weapon in furthering their agenda is the dissemination of confusing vocabulary, often linked to pitiful photographs of abused and neglected animals. Many people have been manipulated unawares into supporting their coffers, innocently thinking they were helping needy animals when they’re actually financing the destruction of their own future ability to own and enjoy companion animals as pets.

Animal rights activists’ verbal tactics are insidious. They believe animals have the same “rights” as humans, and seek to end all animal ownership and use by people including breeding, assistance dogs, dog sports such as agility and obedience, etc. Instead of ownership they wish to establish “guardians” for animals. They see pets as the modern equivalent of slaves. They’re quick to insist animals have a “right” to food, water and shelter, when in truth, a “right” is an intangible and moral construct that animals are incapable of understanding. Only humans have rights. However, this doesn’t mean it is permissible to abuse an animal. Along with rights, humans also have responsibilities, one of which is to treat animals in a humane and ethical manner. Animal rights activists want animals to have the right to sue their owners in court. Since an animal cannot grasp this concept, it would be up to an animal’s appointed guardian to bring the animal’s supposed grievances to court.

If you enjoy having pets and appreciate the freedom to care for them (within the constraints of reasonable and humane laws) as you see fit, then be discerning with your charitable donations. Give locally. Know where your money is going, and how much of it actually goes to help animals. Above all else, make certain you’re giving to an animal welfare organization, and not an animal rights group.


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