Aug 20, 2018

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Kitchens are Truly the Heart of a Home

Kitchens are Truly the Heart of a Home

Upgrading your kitchen can transform the feel of your whole house. The life of a home seems to revolve around the kitchen, a place where meals are prepared and enjoyed, whether it’s just one person in a quiet home or a large family that is trying to keep up with a busy schedule.

You could choose to do minimal work and still make a big change. You can select a few different things in the room to update, which might be friendlier to your overall budget. For example, you could paint your cabinets and change out the hardware, upgrade your appliances, and adjust the lighting to make things brighter and feel more spacious.

If you’re ready for a bigger project, you can recruit help from a team experienced in kitchen remodeling in Lakeview. Professional designers and contractors can lead you through the process, offering insights and tips as you make decisions about your renovation. They can also answer any questions you might have about new, eco-friendly products or innovative ideas that you’d like to explore.

A large-scale remodeling job would likely involve changing out the cabinets, countertops, appliances, floors, and sink(s). You could go with traditional choices like dark wood, stainless steel, and granite, or you could try something more modern by incorporating concrete countertops and glossy cabinets. Whatever you have in mind, you can work with a professional to review the budget and feasibility of including various components.

Putting in custom cabinets, crown molding, and high-quality fixtures are ways in which you can make your kitchen stand out. The team at Emery Custom Homes has experience with all of those high-end upgrades, and they can manage your whole job for you.

Call Emery Custom Homes if you’d like to learn more about our company, which is a premier source of kitchen remodeling in Lakeview.


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