Sep 13, 2019

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Kitchen Care: A How-To On Pest Prevention

Kitchen Care: A How-To On Pest Prevention

With voracious appetites and a wily drive to multiply, pests are forever on a quest to find a place to feed and breed. Not surprisingly, human habitats are the ultimate environment for creepy crawlies to do just this, and homes and businesses alike will suffer an infestation without proper and preventative measures.

From breakfast nooks to industrial hobs, pests will be attracted to any space that is used to handle, prepare, or serve food. The hub of activity in many a home and business, kitchens in particular are at an especial risk of an invasion by ants, cockroaches, rodents, or any one of many other common pests in Cairns.

To ensure that your property remains protected from pesky pests, practice the following tips and tricks of the trade:

Clear Away Scraps and Crumbs

Whether you do the dishes in the sink or prefer to throw them in the washer, make sure to remove all remnants of food after every meal and snack. Even a single paper plate or abandoned cocoa mug will soon attract a line of ants or pack of rats – and you can assume that where there’s one, there are more.

Keep It Tidy

Rodents in particular have an extremely acute sense of smell, and will find whatever leftovers you unknowingly left behind. Sweep the floors, wipe the tables, and empty the rubbish frequently to reduce your risk of unwanted dinner guests (not to mention, improve the look of your space!).

Be Proactive

When all your best attempts at prevention don’t work, you can at least act swiftly at the first sign of a pest predicament. Whether you spot a single roach (alive or dead), or perhaps hear the sound of scurrying squirrels in the rafters, contact a professional pest control team to protect your home, hearth, and health from the destructive consequences of pests.

At Flick Pest Control Cairns, we know how important timely service is to the integrity of your home or business. We are proud to be a top-tier provider of pest control in and around Cairns, and endeavour to protect our tropical paradise from the insidious effects of pests. For residential and commercial pest control that works, contact us today to save time and money tomorrow!

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