Sep 14, 2015

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Kitchen Benchtops – Look Great In Any Home

Having a space in the kitchen where you can cook and converse with family members and guests is something to be cherished. Kitchen benchtops are designed with a wide range of materials, such as engineered stone, natural granite and perhaps the most popular option, stainless steel. Abrasion resistant, kitchen benchtops can instantly improve the appearance of your cooking space, whilst allowing for a greater range of functionality. From the enhanced visual appearance to the extensive range offered by benchtop manufacturers and providers, there’s no reason not to invest in equipment of this kind. Let’s find out a little more about the materials and styles on offer, shall we?

Benchtop Styles

Before you can start thinking about materials and finishes, figure out the purpose of a benchtop. If it’s for cooking purposes, choose the traditional benchtop style or one with a metal edge. Benchtops with rounded edges tend to look better in kitchens, because they are stylish and can be used as cooking stations, breakfast bars and kitchen islands. If you want the benchtop to be the highlight of the room, funk it up with side panels. Benchtops with a solid surface and an extra thick front edge will hold up well in working environments, making this a suitable style for use in a workshop.

Benchtop Materials

Now that you have a better idea of what styles and designs are available, you can begin choosing a material. Solid timber will age well with time and can be coated with a variety of protective, coloured finishes. Stainless steel benchtops are very popular because of their affordability, long life and heat resistance. Benchtops made with acrylic will have a unique design and can be moulded into pretty much any shape. Man made products like engineered stone, quartz or stone composite will be less porous than real stone, such as marble and granite. These materials will also maintain their condition well, even when exposed to high temperatures.

Selecting a Supplier

Every benchtop supplier will vary in terms of what they can offer you, but most will offer a free no obligation quote, so shop around before making a decision! Factor in the cost of installation when choosing a supplier and if they can fit the benchtop, as well as customise it to suit your preferences, they will be worth working with. Is the supplier’s range of stock being updated constantly? If so, this is a good sign, because it proves that their products are high in demand and that their customer base is large.

The stylish and durable kitchen benchtops sold through Stainless Benchtops can be customised according to your requirements.

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