Key Qualities In An Assisted Living

As challenging as it can be to grow older, ageing in grace does not have to mean sacrificing your independence. At Chelsea Senior Living, we take as much pride in your autonomy as you do, and make every effort to make the transition to assisted living comfortable and respectful. Our comprehensive spectrum of services values your integrity, and offers treatment plans and living spaces customized to your unique needs.

When it is time to move out of your home and into an assisted living facility, a few key factors are critical in the decision making process. Consider the following when choosing your new home:

Are private quarters pleasant and secure?

While common spaces are likely to be attractive and comfortable, make sure to get a full tour of where you’ll be spending your personal time. Do rooms and suites have the amenities that you need, and/or are you allowed to furnish them according to your tastes? Make sure to ask about security features (such as locks on windows/doors and fire alarms/sprinklers), as well as handicap accessibility according to your needs as you age.

Is medical support readily available?

Whether you require daily administration of medications or simply want to make sure that a member of staff will regularly provide wellness checks, advocate for your needs and make sure that appropriate support will be available as you request it. Enquire as to whether you will be able to keep your outside medical team, and/or whether the facility is sufficiently staffed to provide care for all residents.

Do meals align with nutritional needs?

No matter your dietary preferences, you have the right to a nutrition program that suits both your medical needs and personal tastes. Whether you are gluten free by choice or hypoglycemic by necessity, make sure that kitchen staff are willing and able to accommodate your palate. Keep medical staff up to date with your needs, and ensure that your diet will be reassessed as your body and brain adapt with age.

One of the most important decisions that you will make in your life, the choice of when and where to move into an assisted living facility will impact the rest of your life. Involve loved ones in the decision, and advocate for your needs and wants. After all, this is your new home.

For questions, concerns, or to schedule a tour through one of our beautiful facilities, we invite you and your family to visit us.

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