Key points to remember before purchasing a flat in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the biggest IT hub in Gujarat and an important base from trade, commerce and industry. Hence, the need for 3 BHK Flat For Sale In Ahmedabad is very high throughout the year. Below mentioned are certain parameters that you must look into before investing in your ideal home:

1.Property Price:

The first step to select a flat is to fix the budget. This makes it easier to shortlist a property if you know how much you can spend on it. Compare the price of the selected property with similar ones to verify if your builder has given a genuine quotation.

2.Carpet Area of the Flat:

Be clear about the built-up area and the carpet area of the flat. The former includes elevator space, shafts, stairs, the thickness of walls, etc. However, the carpet area is the total area within the walls of the flat. In certain cases, when a floor is shared among two or more owners, the price of the common spaces is also divided among them.

3. Land Record:

The land on which your property is constructed is a vital requisite. You must be aware of the soil quality and topography of the land before purchasing a 3 BHK Flat For Sale In Ahmedabad. Ensure that the plot is registered and clear of all dues. Additionally, verify the title deed, which contains details regarding ownership, rights and obligations towards the property.

4.Location of the Flat:

Needless to say, the location of the flat is very crucial as well. Take a keen look at the area where you are eventually going to reside in. The physical infrastructure, amenities and workplace connectivity are important factors, which determine the viability of your property. The flat should be in a safe location, offering privacy and exclusivity to your family.

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